University of Pittsburgh

Teaching Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information
LIS 2021 Identifying Information Needs in Knowledge Organizations

LIS 2022 Implementing Solutions for Knowledge Organizations

LIS 2220 Archives & Records Management

LIS 2222 Archival Appraisal, Description, and Access

LIS 2671 Digital Humanities

LIS 2970 Special Topics: Community Archives

Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Computing and Information
LIS 2671 Digital Humanities, Summer 2016 (as TA) & 2018 (as Instructor of Record)

LIS 2674 Preserving Digital Culture, Spring 2016 & Spring 2018

Workshops, Digital Scholarship Services, Hillman Library
Creating Web Archives with Webrecorder

Introduction to Twine – co-taught with Aisling Quigley

Hypothesi.s Web Annotation – co-taught with Aisling Quigley

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