Chelsea Gunn

Archival studies educator and researcher in Pittsburgh, PA

    Documentation Lab   
    Sustaining DH
    PDA 2019

University of Pittsburgh

Teaching Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information
LIS 2021 Identifying Information Needs in Knowledge Organizations

LIS 2022 Implementing Solutions for Knowledge Organizations

LIS 2220 Archives & Records Management

LIS 2222 Archival Appraisal, Description, and Access

LIS 2671 Digital Humanities

LIS 2970 Special Topics: Community Archives

Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Computing and Information
LIS 2671 Digital Humanities, Summer 2016 (as TA) & 2018 (as Instructor of Record)

LIS 2674 Preserving Digital Culture, Spring 2016 & Spring 2018

Workshops, Digital Scholarship Services, Hillman Library
Creating Web Archives with Webrecorder

Introduction to Twine – co-taught with Aisling Quigley

Hypothesi.s Web Annotation – co-taught with Aisling Quigley