Hello! I’m currently a Teaching Assistant Professor in the department of Information Culture and Data Stewardship at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information. I also serve as the Chair of the Bernadette Callery Lecture Series, and am on the Board of Directors for Prototype, a non-profit dedicated to building gender and racial equity in tech and entrepreneurship. My courses in the Masters of Library and Information Science program engage with a range of topics in archival theory and practice.

My current scholarship explores interaction and collaboration between individuals and institutions in the production and preservation of cultural heritage. These research interests have roots in my dissertation, which explored archival treatments of personal records, and specifically, how archivists collect personal digital archives that have been created in complex socio-technical systems.Prior to coming to Pitt, I received my MLIS from Simmons University and worked in the cultural heritage sector in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

In addition to my work in the information sciences, I have been employed in book and record stores, by a youth mentoring program, as a dog walker, and as a sample knitter for a knitwear design company. Each of these experiences has contributed, in both straightforward and unexpected ways, to the work I do today. Outside of working hours I can most often be found reading, knitting, gardening, running short distances, or riding my bike long distances.

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