Preserving Digital Culture

Digital preservation has been a primary focus of both my research and my teaching at the University of Pittsburgh. I have had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for the course Preserving Digital Culture in the MLIS program twice, in the spring term of 2016 and the spring term of 2018. In each iteration of the course, I designed and conducted hands-on lab sessions for the students with the goals of providing experience with tools, techniques, and standards used in the practice of digital preservation and of fostering an atmosphere of curiosity and experimentation. In the 2018 course, I additionally delivered four of the course’s regular lectures.

While slides provide only an outline of the activities and discussions that made up each lab, I have uploaded PDFs of the 2018 bit-level and file-level lab slides here as a template for others interested in developing hands-on digital preservation labs or workshops.

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