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Decomposing Bodies

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As a primary component of my appointment in the Visual Media Workshop at the University of Pittsburgh, I served as the project manager for Decomposing Bodies throughout the 2015-2016 academic year.

My work with Decomposing Bodies ultimately fell into three categories, which corresponded roughly with the three terms in which I managed the project:

Fall 2015: I became acquainted with the research done in the previous two years, familiarizing myself both with the history of Bertillonage and the data collection and organization practices of the DB team. The intensely collaborative nature of this project brings both current and former workers together on a regular basis. 

Spring 2016: I dedicated the majority of my time to thinking about how the DB dataset our team had been building might be most appropriately shared with others. This involved the creation of an official project website, which was a collaboration between myself and previous project manager Aisling Quigley.

Summer 2016: In preparation for the Data (after)Lives exhibition at the University Art Gallery, I put my research on humanities data sharing into practice. This involved exporting data from our Omeka working space and cleaning it for use by researchers and artists involved in the exhibition.

Primary Contacts:
Dr. Alison Langmead
Department of History of Art & Architecture and School of Computing & Information

Dr. Josh Ellenbogen
Department of History of Art & Architecture

University of Pittsburgh


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